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With a yoga brick you can easily and safely improve your yoga postures. A yoga brick is a tool ("prop") to work on your yoga postures in a simple and safe way. For example, every yogi or yogini can adapt a new yoga posture to his own level.

Yoga Brick Foam - Acaya

VAT Included
  • material: EVA foam high density recyclable and non-toxic sizes (length x width x height): 22 cm x 11 cm x 7.4 cm weight: approximately 170 grams made in Taiwan

  • A yoga brick is suitable for all yoga styles. The yoga brick can be held with the hands or leaned on with the feet or sit bones. This yoga brick has beveled sides, this prevents pinching and it feels more pleasant. The compact size and light weight makes this sturdy yoga brick easy to carry. Ideal for personal use or a yoga teacher who teaches yoga "on location". Usually a yoga brick with multiples of 2 pieces is ordered because 2 yoga bricks are used simultaneously for certain postures. A yoga brick can be cleaned with a damp cloth (NOT in the washing machine).

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